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Who manages the area of the Blue cave and makes the decisions about availability, prices, procedures and rules that you have to mind. Managing the Blue cave is a operationally complex business of running one of the many natural attractions in Croatia. To enable a controlled and safe visit to a large number of visitors, with complex conditions in the only way it is possible – using boats with up to 12 people, often in unfavourable weather conditions, presents a very demanding daily task for the operation organisers. The estimation of weather to close down the cave in borderline cases is a balance of at least these three factors: safety of operation, the number of visitors allready in line and the financial factor. The advantage is always given to safety, of course, but the decision to close down the cave is notheless easy. The entry to the cave is 2 meters wide and its height in medium tide is 1.5 meters. Because of this, the boats used to sightsee the cave have a maximum of 12 persons due to necessary modest dimensions. The boarding of the guests is done in the operational part, a small dock in Mezuporat cove, if measured by sea some 250 meters from the entry to the cave which is in Balun cove. The boarding is possible only with previous announcement and can be done directly from yachts or sailboats tied in Mezuporat. The duration of boarding, driving to the cave, seeing the cave driving back and getting of the boat is about 15 minutes which means that the effective time inside the cave is 5-6 minutes on average.


When is the best time to visit the cave?

The answer is: always when it is opened for visitors.

On the internet you can find information that the recommended time for visiting is between 11 and 12. The thruth is that the light may be the most intense at that time but the intensity affects the blue shade of the sea inside the Blue cave which is more prominent as the intensity lowers. You could say that depending on the time of the day, the color goes from bright light blue to deep glowing blue. Blue cave is always beautifull and is open for visit at the times of the day when the phenomenon is prominent. Only during a cloudy day we would recommend visiting around noon when the light is the brightest.

What are the factors that can affect the closing of the cave

Availability forecast

If you have deceided to visit the cave, we recommend you to follow the availability forecast of the Blue cave on our web page.

Who manages the cave?

The concessionaire is a company from Komiza called Nauticki centar, which has the right to sell the tickets for Blue cave and the obligation to care and run the cave. The concessionaire does the sighting of the cave with their own boats and is responsible for accepting other vessels and keeping order in the operational part in Mezuporat.


Keep in mind that all information on this page are informative and we urge you to seek official data from the conccesionare directly.

Buying and the price of tickets?

Tickets can be bought in a Blue cave giftshop in the operational part of Mezuporat cove.

-adults (12 years of age and above) - 70 hrk
-children 6-12 - 35 hrk
-children under 6 - free

Out of high season prices are lower (Apr 1st - Jun 15th and Sept 1st - Oct 31st):

-adults 50 hrk
-children 6-12 25 hrk
-children under 6 free

It is also possible to buy a VIP transfer for 2000hrk, which includes 12 seater boat and entry immediately after purchase.

When buying the ticket to see the cave, you will receieve a number which shows your place in the line. Follow the number on the display because if you miss your mark you will have to repeat the whole process. In high season, due to high interess of visitors crowds are common so guests are forced to wait in line for a long time. In order to avoid the crowds, we recommend that you visit the cave with us on our highly ranked Ilirio's Three Caves Tour.

Rules of conduct

In the Blue cave (and in the whole operational area) swimming and diving is not allowed. Visit to the cave is possible only with the boat of the concessionaire-manager. Helping the guests get on and off the boats will be given by the staff of the management and at the moment of entry to the cave it is neccesarry, due to tight dimensions, to lower your head and keep limbs inside the boat. Apart from swimming not being allowed inside the cave due to preservation ( Blue cave was declared a natural landmark), there are other reasons for this limitation. A large number of swimmers could not be controlled and kept safe. Visiting in an intoxicated state, which is not a rare case, is not a wise decision. This also applies to attempts of entering the Blue cave by swimming or diving especially when the cave is closed due to weather. The managers job is made easier by the video surveilance system in front of the cave, by rangers and by the guests who are much better informed today than ten years ago.


In Mezuporat cove, where the guests are handled, you can find a souvenier shop which also sells the tickets, a shop where you can buy sandwitches and refreshments. There are parasols in front and in the part where people wait in line to enter the cave. Near by there is a second small bar for refresment. The bathroom is 100 meters from the area. Bisevo island has electricity but tap water is not good for drinking so make sure to bring enough water with you or buy some at the bar near by. It is worth mentioning that the bathroom is not open if the cave is closed for business. Swimming is allowed on a near by pebble beach outside of the operational area.

Bluea cave in nubers

2015. 90.000 visitors
2014. 49.000 visitors
2013. 56.000 visitors