Everything you need to know about the Blue cave

Blue cave under the surface - what you need to know

Find out the important information about the Blue cave so that your visit would feel as a positive experience


Lack of necessary information about the cave and frequent errors can have a dissapointing effect on the visitor. We advise you to read about most common tourist traps, check if the cave is even open today, which options of transport to choose to reach the Blue cave and at which price. Find out more about the experiences of the guests who have visited the cave, how demanding the visit is and understanding of everything that effects the availability of the cave for visits or its momentary closing for visitors. Find out more about more of less known caves of Vis and Biševo islands.

The beauty of the Blue cave is unquestionable and the cave in itself is not a tourist trap. However, why does it happen that the visitor gets a negative experience while visiting the Blue cave? Which are the causes of a negative experience and how to avoid them?

Find out which way and at what price you can get to the Blue cave and how much time it will take. From Split, Hvar, Trogir, Makarska, Zadar... you can use at least one or more available options: public transportation-ferry, catamaran, day trips or taxi boat transfers.

Daily report about Blue cave availability is refreshed daily. Make sure to check weather the Blue cave is open today and what is the forecast for the next two days.

Read about the experiences of the guests who have visited the Blue cave in order to get some useful information. We recommend you to read thrustworthy reviews which can be found only on the world's largest travel sites.

Which causes can encourage the closing of the Blue cave for visitors? Who manages the cave and what do they base their decision to close it and what does this mean? What are the rules for visitors?