1. How can i reserve my spot?

If you wish to reserve your spot on the Three Caves Tour, it is enough to put down the deposit. Anywhere on our web page you can find the book me button or the contact button, and after a few emails, your spot will be secured.

2. What kind of trip is the Three Caves Tour?

It is a light adventure day trip with a RIB boat, mostly couples, families, friends, well suited for all generations, open minded people who know how to enjoy a natural surrounding. Activities that you take part in are not demmanding and their purpose is to feel and connect to a certain location. You are not obligated to take part in these activities, nor is it necessary to be in good physical form to take part. There is also no need to state any reasons why.

3. Is lunch included in the price?

Lunch is not included in the price but a lunch break is planned for about a hour and a half on a secluded beach and you can choose a meal to your liking. The prices of a meal are 60hrk and upwards. The services of this simple beach restaurant can be paid in cash only. Also you can bring your own snack and are not obligated to eat at the restaurant.

4. What type of boat do you use to do the trip on?

With their dimensions, type of seats, proven extraordinary maritime capabilities, and other performances, our boats (all made by the same manufacturer) are the only ones that the Three Caves Tour can be done with. Do not ask of us, even at any price to rent you a yacht and do the Three Caves Tour programme because it is not possible with such type of boat. When there are waves at sea, our boats often overtake boats twice in size without compromising the comfort , so the ride remains pleasent, without bumps and smashes, more like roller coaster ride.

5. We found a better price for a thrip just like yours, why is your price higher?

The stories of all kinds of vendors are one thing (they are vendors after all) and the reviews of the guests who have been our the tour speak in favour of high and constant quality of our tour. Each of our skippers goes through a training during which he gets the ''know how''.

6. we have found a better price for the Three Caves Tour?

Unfortunately you have been tricked. It is a copy of our Ilirio's Three Caves Tour, which is a trademark, so the rights for sales under that trademark is not allowed to other companies.We would like to point out that all the articles online about the trip are our intellectual property, and that every one of our skippers goes through a training during which he gets the know how for this trip.

7. I come with a family and a three year old child?

Be careful when speaking to different providers a three year old child has very sensitive skin and a bimini top or a shade does not help much. Also, keep in mind the possible bad weather at sea on the day of the trip. An emergency medical intervention at sea of any sorts can never be as fast as you would like it to be for your child. Minimum age limit that we recommend is six years of age which means that we will be forced to decline your resevation if the child is younger than six.

8. Am i insured on the trip?

You are insured for the entire duration of the trip, and that means not only while you are in the boat, but also when you are off the boat, on land that is. Read more in the Terms and Conditions.

9. Do you have lifejackets?

Yes, for every passenger on board. Every commercial vessel is required to have as many lifejackets as there may be passengers on board.

10. I am a non swimmer, am I able to take part in the tour?

Almost daily there are non-swimmers on the tour. What is even more important than using the lifejacket is the fact that you are under constant attention from the skippers (especially in some situations) who are excellent swimmers and are trained in all sorts of situations.

11. Are the disabled allowed to participate?

We do not recommend the disabled to take part on the tour, regardles of the state of disability. Still if you are determined to take part and we estimate that you are in ok shape, you will be warned and given form of your own responsibility to be signed. We also do not recommend the trip to pregnant women and children under six.

12. I would like a boat with a shower and a refrigerator

We do not rent out boats, we do a tour with the boats that are suitable for that purpose. Three Caves Tour is an active, light adventure trip so the boat and the skipper are suited for that purpose. A shower, a fridge and all other "decorations'" tempting to the guests have no purpose on our tour. If you want a boat with these and other commodities, seek a charter agency and rent a boat to your liking but that can no longer be the Three Caves Tour.

13. We are booking three months in advance, will the Blue cave be open for visits on the day of the trip?

We can not know for certain. A reliable forecast can only be had usually a few days before the trip. Rarely, but it still happens, we get the information that the cave is closed on the morning before the trip. You can check the Blue cave availability forecast.

14. Will we be refunded if the Blue cave is closed?

Before the trip you will be notified that the Blue cave is closed and you can get back the money that you have allready paid.

15. Will we go on the tour if the Blue cave is closed?

In the Three Caves Tour programme, the visit to the Blue cave is only 5% of the trip. We often don't go on the trip if the Blue cave is closed, however sometimes the weather conditions allow for the remaining 95% to be done. In these cases we recommend that you take the trip.

16. Others say that they have more comfortable boats

While others enjoy the comfort of a ride on a large boat, at the same time you are discovering places where comfortable boats do not enter, or see and you enjoy in numerous activities which are not possible with comfortable boats.

17. What is the difference between your tour and all the other ones that are offered on the stands in the street?

The entire experience of our trip is incomparably better when compared with a medium of what is offered by the competition, who are unfortunately based solely on numbers and not on the satisfaction of the guest. Our agent will not present to you that you will get more and then get less, but rather the other way around. Do not forget to read the differences Three Caves Tour VERSUS external Blue cave tours.

18. Why is it more expensive than all the others?

Quality is expensive. Good thing we offer it at affordable prices. It is somewhat more expensive due to the product described on reviews on the relevant pages of the world's largest travel site.

19. If the tour gets cancelled will i get the refund?

By all means

20. What can be the reasons for cancelling the tour?

When we estimate that the state of the sea and the weather conditions will severely diminish the positive experience of the guest.

21. If we decide to cancel the tour on our own, do we get the refund?

If you notify us via email at least 30 days before the trip, you will receieve the refund in full. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

22. What is the third cave on the tour (Blue cave, Green cave and)?

The name Three Caves Tour does not describe how many caves it visits but rather it is a brand that the guests recognise. We visit more than just three caves and the one you are refering to is called the Monk seal cave.

23. Will there be any toilettes along the way?

In at least 4 stops in regular intervals.

24. Can we get picked up at our hotel in the morning?

Please contact us so we can find possible solutions

25. Is there any place where we can park the car free of charge for the duration of the trip?

Please contact us so we can find possible solutions

26. We are not staying in town, can you pick us up in the morning?

Please contact us so we can find possible solutions

27. Is the tour possible starting from Korcula, Dubrovnik or Mljet?

Unfortunately not, but we can suggest how to reach one of the starting destinations for our tour.

28. Will water for drinking be provided on the boat?

No , take it with you.

29. Can I bring my camera, phone, etc.?

Yes, if you do not have a waterproof protection, we recommend that you use plastic bags

30. Is the price for children different?

The price for children aged 6-10 is 50% lower.