Damir Caktas; is the owner of a registered trademark Three Caves Tour and Ilirio's Three Caves Tour.

In 2008. We began with conducting of the day trip by RIB boats towards the Blue cave and other sea caves of the islands of Vis and Bisevo, then known under the name: Blue grotto, Vis and Bisevo.

In 2011. With its varying content and specificities, the trip became recognizable to the guests and has since been names Three Caves Tour. The name Three Caves Tour does not only describe the visit to the three caves, but implies the content and the specifics of the trip.

In 2012. Owing to oral recommendations, excellent reviews on the internet and ever rising quality, the trip organized by Hvar Sport, Ilirio's Hvar tours becomes highly demanded, hit tour.

2013.-2014. The earnd excellent reputation of the trip, positive reviews and articles online based on the grounds of the engagement and content of the Three Caves Tour, competitor companies begin to exploit by using the same name for trips with content that does not correspond with the original that has been well received with the guests. Competing companies thus mislead and harm the guest who does not receive the expected service and also bring harm to Hvar Sport, Ilirio's Hvar tours.

2015. The name of the trip becomes a trademark and the exclusive right of use is held by Hvar Sport, Ilirio's Hvar tours.

Regardless of the trademark, less informed guests are still victims of fraud and are being sold the content which is not represented by our trademark.


We warn the guests that the trip can not be bought:

  • on the street
  • in apartments
  • in hotels

but only through:

and office (not in front, but inside the office):

Atlas Hvar