Blue cave most common tourist traps

Most common traps for guests who are visiting the Blue cave are all consequence of the human factor. If you have read the reviews about the Blue cave, we are sure that you realised that the beauty of the cave is not questionable but it often happens that a series of circumstances can have huge impact on your final impression of the visit to the cave. These circumstances are always caused by the human factor. Most common reasons are your own lack of information or intentional whitholding of information by the provider that you have chosen to go to trip with.


1. Insufficiency long stay inside the Blue cave!

Considering the daily number of visitors who expect to see the Blue cave and the operational complexity of conducting the sightseeing, it is not possible to stay inside the cave for more than 5-7 minutes. It may seem a few minutes short but, in all honesty, there is no need for a longer stay as swimming is not allowed inside the cave so staying inside for about 7 minutes is considered optimal. However, it a common case is that the guests are not familiar with this fact. This is the reason why it is considerate a tourist trap if you set off on a visit to the cave and the provider chooses to omit this information deliberately or even promises you a longer time inside knowing fully that it can not be done. If you are going for a visit to the cave with your own boat, we advise you to read the article understanding so you can inform yourself about everything regarding the visit to the Blue cave on time.

2. Waiting in line to enter the Blue cave for a long time!

Same thing here happens, due to lack of information this is negatively reflected upon the guest when we are talking about waiting in line to visit the Blue cave. The fact is that in the season 2016 regardless of the great organization, speed and efficiency of the staff of the Blue cave concessionare, in June aready it was a case that the visitors would wait more than one hour. The culmination of attendance and very long waiting happens in the high season (July and August) when waiting to see the Blue cave can be up to two hours. Most of the visitors arrive as part of some organised tour, via numerous providers and charters. Considering the numerous negative remarks of the guests who state as their main objection that the waiting in line is too long, we conclude that many guests have not been given the propper info from the operators or charters and are oftenly not familiar with the tedious waiting in line to visit the Blue cave which in itself is not a tourist trap. We recommend that you ask the provider of the trip which you have choosen how much time will be spent waiting to visit the Blue cave. In this way you allow yourself to choose if you want to spend your time on vacation waiting in line or doing something else.

3. The inability to take photos due to the presence of other boats!

Everywhere on the internet you can see the beautifull photos of the Blue cave, without the presence of other boats or people inside the frame of course. By banning all the boats from the cave except the concessionaire boats, in 2016. the visual experience inside the Blue cave has been improved significantly. Every visitors photo taken inside the Blue cave is a valauble souvenier as is the possibility to use their 5-7 minutes to experience the ambience of the natural phenomenon of the cave. Still, it is known to happen that the visitors are not able to take the picture of the cave without a boat in the frame. Those who wish to acheive this must prepare in time to do so. We can't say that it is a classic tourist trap or that the staff of the concessionaire is intentionally robbing the guests. It is just impossible to handle such a large number of visitors, at least during the frequent hours, more effectively so that the natural ambience is a bit hard to catch in a photo.

4. We came for a visit and the cave is not open for visitors!

There are multiple reasons that make the Blue cave unable to take on visitors and this is always due to weather conditions. No matter where your starting point is, you are in for many miles of travelling and this is only a reason more for a extremely frustrating situation when you find the cave being closed. This the reason why we recommend you to check if the cave is open for business at all before you set off. Even though there is still a large number of chartered sailboats and tour providers that come to the cave when it is not open. If you are with a charter that include the skipper than the skipper should be familiar with the fact that the Blue cave is not open for visitation. Also, the provider of the trip knows if the cave is open or not, so if you end up this situation you have every right to ask the question: why was I not informed about this? In these cases we are talking about a classical tourist trap when the guest has intentionally been mislead. There are rare cases when the cave closes down while you are en route to it, but it is a possibility. Even though an experienced skipper should have the information that the closing down is an option even before it happens, and should relate this to the guests.

5. During the visit inside the cave i received no information about the cave!

Buying the ticket to see the cave includes transportation from the operational part in Mezuporat cove to the Blue cave and sightseeing inside the cave, but does not include guidance in different languages. If you came to the cave with one of the organized tours, it is commonly understood that the interesting info about the cave has already been given to you by the guide. Very often it can be heard from the visitors that they did not receive the neccesarry info about the cave thinking that this is the job of the concessionaire. This is not correct and is a tourist trap because if you have rented a boat with a skipper or you are visiting the Blue cave as a part of an organized tour, than this is the obligation of the skipper in the charter or a guide on the tour.

6. Swimming and diving is not allowed inside the Blue cave!

If you are heding towards the Blue cave in your own arrangement, you should be aware of the fact that swimming or diving inside the cave is not allowed, as it is stated on the entrance of the cave with a warning sign and on the ticket that you have bought. However, if you are visiting the cave through a travel agency, a provider or a charter with a local skipper than the travel agency, guide or a skipper should warn you that swimming inside the cave is not allowed. Do not fall for later explenations, you must be aware that omitting such ''details'' is a way for a provider to lure the guests in sell their service and is a tourist trap. There are also cases when guests are offered a swim inside the cave when the cave is closed for business which we would not want to recommend.


If you are going for a Blue cave visit through some of the travel agencies or tour providers, we recommend that you read the article in which we bring the questions that you should ask the provider before you deceide to buy the trip. Check if the cave is open for business today and in the next few days in order to get a better understanding of operations regarding the Blue cave . Also, do not forget to read the experiences of people who have already visited the Blue cave and how to reach it.