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About Makarska

The town of Makarska itself, as well as the whole Makarska riviera, is known for its long pebble beaches. Along with the sun and the sea, this most important ingredient for shore tourism is well put to use in terms of the maintenance of the beaches and the surrounding content. A large number of hotels of all cathegories as well as private accomodation make for over 13000 beds so Makarska can be considered a mass tourism destination. The number of visitors accompanies the corresponding hospitality and other content. Makarska as a destination is chosen by guests that are satisfied with the service and content available in the town itself but it has to be mentioned that there is a large availability of day trips that reach as far as 250km from the town. If you choose Makarska as your destination for vacation, we definitely recommend that you visit Biokovo nature park that is located directly above the town. On Biokovo mountain, which has the second highest peak in Croatia, Sveti Jure at 1762m, and is within the park limits, you can find all that which Makarska can not offer you and that is the intact and harsh beauty of the nature. From the very entrance into the park, the view stretches across the entire riviera and surrounding islands: Brac, Hvar and Vis. If you seek asimilar experience but on the sea, than join us on Three Caves Tour, and you will realise just how many differences you can find in middle Dalmatia. We would like to say that Makarska is a destination for all age groups but is mostly suited for families and older population, which will find all the advantages of Makarska in the season as well as in the post season. Still there is a lot Makarska can offer for younger guests although it is not a typical destination for them like Hvar or maybe Split. Considering that it is located between Dubrovnik on the south and Split in the west Makarska is well connected with frequent bus lines. Also the proximity of the new highway makes it well connected with the rest of Croatia. This is the reason most gusts come with their own transportation but this fact leads us to potential problem of available parking and traffic jams in certain parts of day or even months. Generally speaking, staying in Makarska does not require a lot of organizational ability becuse you can find here everything that falls under tourism.

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Makarska is a small city on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia, about 60 km (37 mi) southeast of Split and 140 km (87 mi) northwest of Dubrovnik. It has a population of 13,834 residents. Administratively Makarska has the status of a city and it is part of the Split-Dalmatia County. Makarska is a tourist centre, located on a horseshoe shaped bay between the Biokovo mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The city is noted for its palm-fringed promenade, where cafes, bars and boutiques overlook the harbour. Adjacent to the beach are several large capacity hotels as well as a camping ground. The center of Makarska is an old town with narrow stone-paved streets, a main church square where there is a flower and fruit market, and a Franciscan monastery that houses a sea shell collection featuring a giant clam shell. Makarska is the center of the Makarska Riviera, a popular tourist destination under the Biokovo mountain. It stretches for 60 km (37 mi) between the towns of Brela and Gradac.

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