Uninteresting excursions don't spawn good reviews. Meanwhile, have you seen our TripAdvisor page?


The reviews are important because they speak about the experiences of the travellers who already had the chance to consummate a certain product or service. If a company wants to gain a certain market, it will acheive that with quality and price or better said a combination of those two. Spoken transference and reviews of well known web sites that people trust, bring a better rated provider new clients.

How does a company which does not care for good reputation get new clients - you conclude on your own.


Because of a simple reason that review manipulation is reduced to a minimum. Constat checking of authenticity of the reviews, checking of adherence to the guidelines, and intolerance to attempts of manipilations have the trust of the customer as a result and also a more just relationship of the provider on the touristic market.

On the other hand, being aware of their own inferior service in relation to others, some providers do not bother with reviews on relevant pages and rather use manipulation to make their product look better than it actually is. For example: rewritten and than modified text of a high ranking blogger which reccomends a link to a ''reliable'' provider is an ideal form of manipulation. Or recently popular ''star rating'' which is not at all relevant because it is constructed in advance and enabled by a program in purpose of rating manipulation.

We recommend that you rather listen to reviews of people that you actually know or read the reviews of travellers from all over the world on relevant pages rather than engaging in unnecessary adventures with non verified operators.

Don't get lured in with honeyed words and cheaper deals - you're a guest, not a fish!