Pakleni islands - Three Caves Tour visited destination
Pakleni islands

Group of islands called Paklinski or Pakleni islands, are made of 16 little islands in front of Hvar town. They are laid down in east-west direction and in that way they shield the town from the effects of weather. The largest island in the group is Sveti Klement, which in the summer time, during the tourist season, is quite lively. The proximity of Pakleni islands to famous Hvar town makes it very well visited, but even on their own Pakleni islands are interesting enough so even without Hvar they would be a point of interest for many guests during summer months. This is evidenced by numerous boats from small ships to mega yachts and cruisers, which visit Pakleni islands from the sea. The islands are adorned by many coves, the coast is limestone rock with a few pebble and sand beaches. The foliage is mostly short vegetation of which a good part is aleppo pine so visitors can find natural shade even in the most remote corners of this island group. The connection is only with Hvar so if you want to vist them from places further away like Split, Makarska, or Korcula, you will have to check ferry lines or private transfers to Hvar. Hvar town is very well connected to Pakleni islands via taxi boats and the price is affordable. They take you to multiple attractive destinations across the islands of which the most popular one is Palmizana, where you can find bars and restaurants in a specially nice surrounding. The other island in the group where you can find restaurants with beaches near by is Marinkovac island. On one side of the island you can find restaurants which operate mostly during the day, and on the other side is a famous party destination for the young. One of the islands in the group, named Jerolim, is reserved for nudists and the rest of the islands are real little gems for guests with an adventurous spirit. If you choose the Three Caves Tour, you must be aware that Pakleni islands are one of many beautiful places that are visited on our trip.

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The Pakleni or Paklinski islands are located off the southwest coast of the island of Hvar, Croatia, opposite the entrance to the Hvar (city) harbour. The name is popularly translated as Hells' islands (pakleni: hellish), but it originally derives from paklina, an archaic word, from which pakleni too is derived, that means "tar", and in this case refers to the pine resin once used to coat ships that was harvested on these islands. The main island of Sveti Klement is also called Veliki otok or Big island. It has 3 settlements, Palmizana, Momica Polje and Vlaka. There is a large, well protected yacht marina at Palmizana. The chain of islands is approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) long, formed of limestone, with a very indented coastline and low pine forest with black pine, and aleppo pine. The highest point on the islands is 94 metres (308 ft). The islands are a popular destination for visitors with smaller craft, especially yachts, providing numerous peaceful coves for diving, underwater fishing, swimming and water sports.

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