Stiniva cove, Vis - Three Caves Tour visited attraction
Stiniva cove, Vis island

We have to say, Stiniva, one of many same named coves on the Adratic, it is located on Vis island and is the biggest attraction of the island. The impressive shape for which it is known is mostly due to sea erosion. Due to its unique shape numerous tourists come capture it in a photo and take a swim in its beautiful envieroment. However, the entrance/exit of Stiniva, for which we can rightfully say that is unique, is way too small and as such is not able to accomodate the hords of tourists that visit it daily. Masses of people bring during the day precisely the things that take away its identity the most, and those are loud music, smell of alchohol and a of boats in front of its unique part. Stiniva just like the Blue cave and Green cave is a place that is overcrowded with people and boats for the most part of the day so it is impossible to percieve the cove in a way that most of the visitors would like. If you want your thirty minutes of the right way of enjoying it, at a time when there is no crowd definitely contact us to book your place on the Three Caves Tour starting from Hvar, Split and other places on the Dalmatian shore. Apart from the sea, Stiniva can be reached by foot, down a steep cliff so caution is advised. To reach the beach from a parking space it takes about twenty minutes of walking. The benefit of reachig the beach this way is a stunning view of the entire cove so if you deceide to reach it by land make sure you bring your camera with you. In the cove, on the bech itself, a once old fisherman's shack has been repurposed into a simple bar where you can get some refreshements. A visit at the moment while the cove is covered in silence is something that simply carves into your memory.

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Stiniva Beach on the southern Croatian Adriatic island of Vis has been voted the most beautiful European beach by visitors of the European Best Destinations website, the Croatian Tourism Board (HTZ) said on Wednesday. "After Zagreb was awarded for the best Advent event and Zadar as the best European destination and after Zagreb's Maksimir Park was included in the list of the best European parks, Stiniva being named Europe's most beautiful beach is a major new sign of recognition for Croatia's tourism," the HTZ said. The website's jury compiled a list of close to the 300 best and most beautiful European beaches, after which more than 10,000 tourists took a vote. Stiniva was named one of the 15 most beautiful European beaches by as many as 88% of the voters, while 66% voted it the most beautiful beach. Stiniva is described as an idyllic place for bathing in a crystal clear sea. The website also praises the island of Vis for beaches that are mainly approachable by road, suitable for family excursions and that have the amount of natural shade that is ideal for younger guests. The European Best Destinations is a European organisation based in Brussels, its mission being the promotion of European culture and tourism. It offers tourist information on more than 355 European destinations.

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