How to get from Split to Blue cave


By ferry:

Split is the town that has the best ferry connection with Vis island, even though the lines are not as often as the guests would expect. However, three lines per day do make it possible to plan a visit to the Blue cave by going Split - Vis - Komiza - Blue cave. A plan to visit the Blue cave this way in one day is possible but challenging, so we recommend that you stay overnight in Komiza. Komiza is connected to Vis town with a bus line that is adjusted to arrivals and departures of the ferry. Those who plan to stay for 2 or more nights in Komiza and wish to use only the public transportation to visit the Blue cave, can use the daily ferry line from Komiza to Bisevo and the Blue cave.

Day trip that includes a visit to Blue cave:

If you choose the Three Caves Tour from Split for your visit to the Blue cave, we must point out that it is the highest ranking trip that includes the Blue cave visit and the rest of the attractions of Vis and Bisevo islands, so your decision will have the best day spent in Croatia as a results.
A visit to the Blue cave is one of our everyday tasks so you can expect to lose a minimum amount of time in line in front of the cave. Three Caves Tour is a trip during which you will have a chance to see the most interesting attractions of Hvar, Vis and Bisevo islands.


We would like to ask you to say the number of persons for the transfer and their age so we could choose the appropriate vessel and offer all other relevant info. A rough price per boat for a transfer from Split to Blue cave is 500 EUR.
Before you set off towards the Blue cave do not forget to check:

Blue cave availability forecast