Porat - Three Caves Tour visited attraction

Porat bay is located on the island of Bisevo, known primarily for the famous Blue cave. The bay is oriented west-southwest and has a view towards the open sea and Italy and is shielded from southern and northern winds. In this place, even in the height of the season at certain times of day you can feel the secludion. However it is not a negative sentiment because it comes with a notion that you are almost half way to Italy standing with your feet in warm sand, watching the open blue sea and sky which gets interrupted ony by the glare from the sun or an outline of a boat in the distance. Even so, behind your back at the beach itself, only five lazy steps will get you to the shade of palm branches of the only restaurant in the bay, which is completely in accord with the ambience: simple with just what you need tastefull and refreshing, very far from anything fancy, which in turn would be just what Porat does not need. The bottom of the bay is covered with bright sand and the beach itself is sand on pebbles. After you disembark there will be a sign waiting: no dogs or fires allowed. Even after a decade the cosequences of a great fire are visible so if not the first, the second warning must be heeded. In a lack of inspiration, the authors of some renown tourist publications have put Porat high on their lists of the worlds most beautiful beaches along with Stiniva on Vis island, but we are deeply convinced that in both cases it is somthing of an unreal rating. Perhaps such uninspirational and manufactured announcments bring some short term benefits but in fact, they only corrupt the real image of a beautiful and inspiring place. So because of this, do not set your expectations too high as it is a small and unspectacular cove. If you bring your soul to Porat it will be richer by the time you leave for the memories that you will surely remember. This will definitely be a place to remember, one of our destinations on the Three Caves Tour.

Source: Ilirio's